Be part of the decentralization movement and earn your keep.

Cosmic Validator offers staking opportunities for your cryptocurrency assets that is safe, secure and easy to understand. Using our expertise we also help our stakers realize profits and participate in building curated projects to their full potential.

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We are long term supporters of the projects we are building our validators for. We believe that offering zero fees early in the game helps us shape a culture of genuine support for the projects and help create a real fanbase.


Our team are the most well known and most passionate figures in their fields. With our combined perspective and knowledge , we identify the best networks to stake in. With us, you stake in the most optimal opportunity.

Safe and secure

Our cloud team design, built and maintain several world class blockchain projects, Cosmic Validator is confident of its technical skill to maintain a solid and robust infrastructure for our validator nodes.

Stake with us on these curated projects:

Cosmos Network

Sentinel dVPN

Polkadot Network

What is staking?

Most of the newer blockchain networks are being secured by a concept called Proof of Staking (PoS) instead of Proof of Work (PoW) wherein people stake their tokens in a validator. Once staked, you get part of the rewards the validator gets when it validates transaction in that blockchain network essentially increasing your tokens. This is a more energy efficient alternative to how Bitcoin is being secured and is found in newer projects like Cosmos.

Staking as Passive Income

The decentralization movement led by Bitcoin spread the work from centralized financial parties like government, banks, law firms to anyone with a powerful computer. As such the payment for work went to those who participate using their resources. This shift led to miners who earned billions of dollars worth because they took the chance early. With the proof of stake mechanism supplanting proof of work, a new window has opened up to become an early supporter and unlock a new way to get passive income which may be the path to your financial freedom.  

Why stake with Cosmic Validator?

Cosmic Validator is an independent validator staking service that is unattached to any major entity in crypto, we are indie as it gets. This means we further decentralize the networks we support. Moreover, two of our co-founders – Hector and Eric are two of the most reputable and hardcore crypto supporters in the Cosmos, Sentinel and OTC communities. Plenty other reasons are expounded further why you should stake in Cosmic Validator:

a Global Family

With a team that is from France, India, Switzerland and the Philippines – we live and breathe decentralization not just in tech but in our internal culture too! Join the CV family and be part of a global movement!


Expert Curation

Our team has been a fixture in leading Proof of Stake communities such as Cosmos, Polkadot, Sentinel and others. We have also collectively invested in over 100 blockchain projects so we are very focused on long term viability.


Our devops have a long history of securing security focused products in the decentralized world. 

Geekiest STakers

Our team knows everything there is to know about picking good projects and how good the staking model is. We have been an active force in the early days the leading staking projects in crypto.

OTC ACcess

Our team is one of the most trusted OTC parties around. Sourced and assisted over high volumes of various digital assets since 2017. 

Want to stake a large amount?

We assist in purchasing tokens to stake!

Introducing Managed Staking

For people on the go or too busy to do a deep dive, Cosmic Validator offers a pay and stake service where we take care of practically everything and you can just get the reports! 
Perfect for casual crypto investors and those who think handling their own wallet, understanding the projects and handling the other processes themselves is too much work. 
We managed it all for you and hand it over down the road if you are ready to get your hands dirty in the decentralization movement!

Dashboard of your staking empire!

Track your ROI (return on investment) on our upcoming dashboard that will also elevate your staking knowledge along with us.

Our Experts

Our team are mainstays and passionate players in various crypto communities and armed with intimate knowledge of how to operate a great validator staking service. You won’t find a more hardcore team than us.


CoFounder and CEO

Eric Su

CoFounder and CMO

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What Our Stakers are Saying

“I love the 0% fee on their Cosmos staking!”


Long time crypto investor

Their team is responsive and have been instrumental in my understanding of the staking dynamics of Cosmos and Polkadot (soon!).


Crypto fund manager

Need experts to run a validator node for a project you are bullish on?

We are available to help you! We study the requirements and help you navigate the rules of the running a validator and optimize your server cost. Fill up the form below and let’s get cracking!

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